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I’m a Cave Girl I was frozen alive
Thawed out in a cave off I-435
Now I’m in a band
Tryin’ to survive
We’re the Cave Girls and we’re comin’ to you live!
ooooh ahhhhh

I’m a Cave Girl I’m the baby of the three
look up tame or boring and you wont find me
I got a rhythm feeling runnin’ through my veins
Bangin’ bones on rocks and things and dancin’ while I sing!
ooooh ahhhhh

I’m a Cave Girl I moved down from your house
Sorry bout the noise, but we gotta play loud
We jam our tunes on Wednesday cuz it gives us a break
Come on and hear what the Cave Girls have to say
ooooooh ahhhhhh, aruga uga

ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh

All three Cave Girls got pulled over
We’re playin’ this gig to pay off the lawyer yeah
We get there at a quarter to nine
We load out our stuff and we take our time alright
We go on around ten.
We’ll lay it out again.
The Cave Girls will really do you in

All dressed up and we’re ready to fly
So jump on board and enjoy the ride aw yeah.
We try to slow down, but we just can’t stop,
We’re outta control can’t be seen by the cops tonight

If you want some fun
Come out and get undone
The Cave Girls would love
To give you some

Nikki got a ticket...goin 53 to 35
Sara got a warning...she didn’t have her tags in time
I got a ticket too...I was goin 43 to 25.....DAMN
Now we really gotta pay up
So thanks for comin out tonight

We knew we could count on you
To come to the show
And see what we’re doin NOW
We’re playing our best
Got a lot to give
Our anxious hearts put us up to the test tonight

If you want some FUN
Come out and get undone
The Cave Girls would LOVE to giveyou some
The Cave Girls would LOVE to give you some
The Cave Girls would LOVE to give you some


from The Cave Girls, track released February 4, 2012



all rights reserved


The Cave Girls Kansas City, Missouri

First the BIG BANG! Then the DINOSAURS! Then THE ICE AGE! Now... FINALLY.. THE CAVE GIRLS!!! Sounding outta the prehistoric caves of the one and only Kansas City, MO, The Cave Girls hit you like a CLUB TO THE HEAD!!

Prehistoric Garage Rock at its finest.
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